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Sunday School Classes




Children from birth through three years of age learn that Jesus loves them as they practice getting along with others.

Early Elementary

Children from Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade learn to connect Sunday school and the worship service as they follow the calendar through the church's seasons.

Older Elementary

Children from 3rd through 5th grades learn how to read and use the Bible as they discover how it is relevant to their lives.

Middle/High School

Youth from sixth through twelfth grades focus on scripture and its place in their daily lives as they read through the bible spending as little or as much time as a passage requires.

Adult Classes

Each adult class chooses its own curriculum, based on the theological needs, concerns, and interests of its members. Current adult classes are:

Rebekah Class

The Rebekah class is made up of a group of women that studies the Holy Bible one book at a time, verse by verse. With no designated instructor, the students are responsible for the lessons, learning from each other as each passage is read.

Fellowship Class

This is a class for singles or couples. Studies include a variety of spiritual topics.

Adult Bible Class

A class for singles or couples interested in verse-by-verse study of the scriptures.

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