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Mission Team

The Mission Team is one of the most active and exciting groups in the church. Team activities include…

Rainbow House

Mission Team members volunteer their service each month at the Rainbow House food pantry which helps people in need. Team members pick up food from our sources, restock the shelves and freezers, make sure boxes are available, and distribute the food. A limited supply of jeans, coats and blankets is also distributed. It takes everyone to make Rainbow House successful. Click here for more info.


Emergency Rest Stop

When needed, an Emergency Rest Stop is located in the Family Life Center. It is a short-term rest area that is provided for evacuees as they continue on their journey. We provide water, light refreshments, restroom and shower facilities, and a place for them to nap. The knowledge that they are in a safe environment provides comfort to the travelers. Members of the church help to staff and supply the Rest Stop.  During evacuations from hurricanes Rita and Ike, several families were served at the Rest Stop.

Military Bible Sticks

To provide our military service members with access to the Bible in a format that is accessible to them during their tours of duty, the Mission Team collects and distributes digital bible "sticks" that allow them to hear the Bible in audio format.


Teddy Bear Round-up

Each March, the Mission Team collects teddy bears and presents them to Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) to help comfort children taken into foster care.

School Supplies for Teachers

The Frankston, La Poynor, Neches and Bullard schools are served by our Mission Team members as they gather and distribute school supplies that are distributed by teachers in those schools.

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